Why AXΩ?

Our National website has many great resources for Why you should choose Alpha Chi Omega. But we like this list the best.

You have lots of Greek and women’s organizations to choose from. So “Why Alpha Chi” requires a two-part answer:

The benefits of being Greek, and
The benefits of choosing Alpha Chi Omega.

We could write a book on this, but we’ll settle for ten principal reasons why Alpha Chi Omega might be right for you.

1. You get to be you.

We’re about real and genuine.

2. You get to be strong.

We recruit strong, smart, compassionate, make-a-difference women. And our programs help develop them.

3. You get to have fun.

Yes, we’re serious about academics, community service and leadership. But all work and no play makes for dull women!

4. You get to make meaningful, lasting friendships.

There’s no better way to meet people than by living and working with them to change lives and enhance the world.

5. You get high educational standards and help to meet them.

Our academic standards often exceed those set by colleges, universities and other organizations. Our programs and positive support from our members meet those standards.

6. You get to forge and tap a network that lasts a lifetime.

Those friendships we mentioned? They don’t end at college. And they don’t end with your immediate housemates. We’ve initiated more than 200,000 women. That’s a career and life-stage network that will help you for a long, long time.

7. You get a four-year collegiate learning and leadership development program.

Colleges and universities can be very good for academic learning, but they don’t always have time for all they’d like to teach about life and leadership. Alpha Chi will soon supplement that classroom learning with a powerful four-year program designed to enhance lives and careers.

8. You get lifelong engagement geared to your interests and life stages.

Alpha Chi Omega is not just about college. It’s about the interests and stages of your lifetime. It’s about sisters being there for one another during careers, marriages, mid-life crises, children, grandchildren, sickness, health, retirement, divorces, widowhood, 50th anniversaries, etc. It’s also about every hobby or interest you can imagine. If you’re going through a stage, someone else is too. If you have an interest, so does someone else. Our role is to help connect should you want the benefit of others’ counsel and camaraderie.

9. You get to give back.

Someone somewhere gave you your first break. Alpha Chi Omega and its Foundation give you ways to return the favor!

10. You get to make a difference in the world.

Whether you use your Alpha Chi training to change the world on your own, or through our chosen philanthropy, you’re better equipped as a learner and leader to take on the challenges you choose.